Fall 2016: Topology reading seminar

Time and place: We will meet on Tuesday, 1-2:30pm, in room Math 528 unless noted otherwise.

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Date Speaker Article
Sep 28 Nathan Dowlin
Oct 4 Akram Alishahi Unoriented knot Floer homology and the unoriented four-ball genus: arXiv:1508.03243
Oct 11 Nathan Dowlin(Cancelled) Some differentials on Khovanov-Rozansky homology: arXiv:math/0607544
Oct 18 Linh Truong
Oct 25 Nathan Dowlin Some differentials on Khovanov-Rozansky homology: arXiv:math/0607544
Nov 1 James Cornish The Alexander module, Seifert forms, and categorification: arXiv:1501.04866
Nov 8 No talk: University holiday
Nov 15 Zhechi Cheng Link homology theories from symplectic geometry: arXiv:math/0601629
Nov 22 Linh Truong Involutive Heegaard Floer Homology: arXiv:1507.00383
Nov 29 Akram Alishahi Khovanov homology and knot Floer homology for pointed links: arXiv:1512.05422
Dec 6 Mike Wong Kauffman states, bordered algebras, and a bigraded knot invariant: arXiv:1603.06559