Fall 2017: Ordinary Differential Equations


Prerequisites: Calculus I, Calculus II and Calculus III or equivalent (derivatives, integrals, vector functions, complex numbers). Linear algebra can be helpful but it is not a prerequisite.

Textbook: Elementary Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems, 10th Edition (10e), by Boyce and DiPrima.

Tuesday and Thursdays 11:40 -- 12:55, Room 312 Math building.

Office hours: Tuesdays 2pm--3pm and Thursdays 10am--11am.

Course assistants:
For office hours, see the math help room schedule.

Homework: Due each Tuesday at 11:40am (except the last one). Late homework will not be accepted, but the two lowest homework scores will be dropped. Written homework need to be turned in the Math building 4th floor (in the appropriate box outside room 417). Graded works will be left in a basket in front of office 625. Collaboration and discussion with your classmates is encouraged, but you must write up your final answers by yourself.

Grading: Homework: 15%, Midterm 1: 20%, Midterm 2: 20%, Final Exam:45%.

Exams: The use of course material, notes or calculators is not allowed during exams. In case of a scheduling conflict, please contact me at least one week ahead. If you are unable to take the exam because of a medical problem, please contact me as soon as you can-- you will need a medical note, as well as a note from your dean.

Important dates:


The material covered on each lecture will be updated on the google calendar below (click on an event to see details). This course is an introduction to ordinary differential equations. We will cover selected material mostly from chapters 1 to 7 in the textbook.


Homework Comments Due Date
HW1 First order linear differential equations (Chapters 2.1, 2.3) September 12
HW2 Separable equations, Autonomous equations and classical examples (Sections 2.2, 2.3, 2.5) September 19
HW3 Various first order equations and beginning of Chapter 3. (solutions of selected problems) September 26
Practice Midterm 1 Solutions will be discussed during the review session
HW4 Homogeneous second order linear ODEs with constant coefficients. October 10
HW5 Non-homogeneous second order linear ODEs. October 17
HW6 Non-homogeneous linear ODEs with constant coefficients. October 24
Practice Midterm 2, Extra problems Solutions will be discussed during the review session
HW8 Solving ODEs using Laplace transform (Chapter 6) November 14
HW9 Basics of Linear algebra (Section 7.1, 7.2) November 21
Reading assignment see courseworks November 28
HW10 Systems of first order ODEs (a long HW) December 5
Practice Final Exam solutions