Classic Papers in Algebraic Geometry, Summer 2017

The premise of this seminar is simple: pick a classic paper in algebraic geometry, where the definitions of "classic paper" and "algebraic geometry" are up to you. (The organizers may try to talk you out of it if they disagree.) Give a talk or two on said paper. Repeat. The goal is to get a flavor for what the results and new ideas are, but not necessarily to go through all the details.

Some guidelines: the paper should be post-EGA and reasonably accessible to graduate students. If the paper is very long or complicated, consider focusing on a single idea, or pick a different paper. Avoid papers that have already been discussed in detail in other seminars in recent memory. Talks should attempt to be self-contained; in particular, they shouldn't rely on anything discussed in talks on other papers. Try to give the background necessary for understanding the paper. If you split your exposition into two talks, consider pushing the most technical parts to the second one.

Suggested Papers: See here. For an arbitrary and unofficial list of additional ideas, see below. More suggestions are welcome, though this list may be removed if it becomes too contentious, distracting, unwieldy, or any combination thereof.

Please e-mail the organizers if you'd like to receive notifications, or to volunteer for a talk.

Organizers: Raymond Cheng, Carl Lian.

Time and location: Tuesdays at 1:30 PM in Math 407

Date Speaker Paper
30 May Sam Mundy Mazur, Rational Points of Abelian Varieties with Values in Towers of Number Fields
6 June Remy van Dobben de Bruyn de Jong, Smoothness, Semi-stability, and Alterations
13 June Shuai Wang Horrocks-Mumford, A Rank 2 Bundle on P4 with 15,000 Symmetries
20 June Daniel Gulotta Dwork, On the Rationality of the Zeta Function of an Algebraic Variety
27 June Daniel Gulotta (cont.)
4 July No Talk: Independence Day
11 July cancelled
18 July Shizhang Li Serre-Tate, Good Reduction of Abelian Varieties
25 July Carl Lian Caporaso-Harris, Counting Plane Curves of Any Genus
1 August No Talk: Stacks Project Workshop
8 August Qixiao Ma Fontaine, Il n'y a pas de variété abélienne sur Z