Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar

Spring 2007

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January 26 Joan Birman Lorenz knots:
A bridge between weather prediction and number theory
February 2 Rich Schwartz Unbounded orbits for outer billiards
February 9
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Ji-Young Ham The minimal dilatation of a genus two surface
Dror Bar-Natan Algebraic knot theory
February 16 Indira Chatterji Median spaces
February 23 Jesse Johnson Mapping class groups of Heegaard splittings
March 2
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Yoav Moriah Genericity issues for high distance Heegaard splittings
Alex Bene Canonical lifts of the Johnson homomorphisms to the Torelli groupoid
March 8 11:00am
Note date & time!
Francis Bonahon Quantum Teichmüller Theory
March 9
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Francis Bonahon Quantum hyperbolic 6j-symbols
Andrew Putman An infinite presentation of the Torelli group
March 16 No seminar, Spring Break
March 23
Double header!
10:45am (Room 207) and 1:00 pm
Matthew Hedden Lens space surgeries and algebraic curves
Ken Baker Non-null homologous knots in lens spaces with once-punctured tori
March 30
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Anne Thomas Lattices acting on polyhedral complexes
Yair Minsky The asymptotic cone of the mapping class group
April 6 Constance Leidy Higher-order degrees and obstructions on the fundamental group of algebraic curve complements
April 13
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Carlo Petronio Hyperbolic graphs of small complexity
Stefan Friedl Commensurability of 3-manifolds and L2-invariants
April 20 Genevieve Walsh Commensurability classes of 2-bridge knots
April 27
Double header!
10:45am and 1:00 pm
Kevin Walker Khovanov homology as a 4-category; Khovanov skein modules for 4-manifolds
Dusa McDuff Uniruled symplectic manifolds
May 4 Jessica Purcell Volumes of knots and links
May 11 Pierrette Cassou-Nogués On the image of a pencil of lines by an endomorphism of ℂ2
May 25 Cornelia Drutu Embeddings of families of rescaled graphs into Cayley graphs, examples of groups with exotic properties

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