Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar

Spring 2008

Unless a change is noted below, the Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar takes place Fridays in 520 Mathematics at 2:15PM, with occasional overflows to Friday at 10AM. All are welcome. We usually meet for lunch at 11:45AM.

There is an announcement list for the seminar.

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

January 25, 11 AM, 520 Math
(Joint with Probability seminar)
Richard Kenyon The configuration space of branched polymers
January 30, 5:30 PM, 507 Math Mustafa Korkmaz The curve complex on a nonorientable surface
February 1 No seminar
February 8 Hiroshi Matsuda
February 15 Yi Ni
February 22 Christian Zickert The volume and Chern-Simons invariant of a hyperbolic manifold
February 29 Olga Plamanevskaya Transverse knots and their branched covers
March 7, 10:45AM Daryl Cooper, UCSB Real projective structures and non-standard analysis
March 14 Jeremy Van Horn-Morris Transverse fibered links
March 21 No seminar: Spring Break
March 28 Tim Cochran Derivatives of Knots and Second-order signatures
April 4 Daniel Allcock The metric completion of a locally CAT(0) space
April 11 William Menasco Climbing a Legendrian mountain range without stabilization
April 18 Moira Chas Minimal intersection of curves on surfaces
April 25: Double header 1
10:30AM (Math 203)
Christopher Cashen Quasi-isometries between tubular groups
April 25: Double header 2
2:15PM (Math 520)
Paolo Ghiggini Giroux's torsion and the contact invariant
May 2 Hao Zheng Geometric approach to the categorification of braiding relations
May 6, 11:00 AM, Room 520
Note day and time
Stavros Garoufalidis Gevrey asymptotics of the perturbative U(N)-invariants of closed 3-manifolds
May 7, 2:00 PM, Room 520
Note day and time
Marc Culler Quantitative connections between hyperbolic volume and topological complexity

Fall 2007

September 7 Organizational meeting
September 14 Michel Boileau Sequences of metrics given by the long term Ricci Flow on aspherical 3-manifolds
September 21 Yoav Moriah Heegaard structures of 3-manifolds
September 28 No talk: Group Theory Generations conference at CUNY
October 5 Jason Behrstock Quasi-isometric rigidity of mapping class groups
October 12 Shelly Harvey Knot concordance and Blanchfield duality
October 19 Scott Carter Cohomology in self-distributive coalgebras
October 26 Liam Watson Knots with identical Khovanov homology
November 2 Gordana Matic Contact Invariant in Sutured Floer Homology
November 9
Double header
10AM and 1PM (note time)
Lev Birbrair Metric properties of conflict sets
Dan Silver When knots don't fiber
November 16 Dave Futer The Jones polynomial and highly non-fibered surfaces
November 23 No seminar, Thanksgiving
November 30
Double header
10AM and 2:15PM
Koji Fujiwara Rank-1 isometries on CAT(0) spaces and quasi-homomorphisms
Weiping Li Regulator for the character variety
December 7 Bruce Kleiner A new proof of Gromov's theorem on groups of polynomial growth
December 14 No seminar today
December 21 Martin Bridson Fixed point theorems and rigidity

Old semesters: Fall 2006, Spring 2007.

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