Introduction to Modern Algebra I, spring 2017 (Columbia U W4041, Section 001)

Basic information

Call number: 17587
Room/Time: MW 1:10pm--2:25pm, 203 Math
Instructor: Mikhail Khovanov
Office: 620 Math
Office hours: Mon 2:30-3:30pm, Wed 11am-12pm, or by appointment
Teaching assistants:  
Samuel Mundy OH: Tuesday 9am-12pm in Help Room, Math 406
Theodore Coyne OH: Tuesday 12-14pm in Help Room, Math 406
Midterm 1: Wednesday, February 15
Midterm 2: Wednesday, March 29
Final: 1:10-4pm Monday, May 8 in MAT 203


Textbook, prerequisites and grading info

Homework and exams

Midterm 1     Solutions

Midterm 2     Solutions

Practice Final      

Quiz 1      

Quiz 2     Solutions

Quiz 3     Solutions

Quiz 4     Solutions

Quiz 5     Solutions

Homework 1 Due January 25     Solutions

Homework 2 Due February 1     Solutions

Homework 3 Due February 8     Solutions

Homework 4 Due February 15     Solutions

Homework 5 Due February 22     Solutions

Homework 6 Due March 1     Solutions

Homework 7 Due March 8     Solutions

Homework 8 Due March 22     Solutions

Homework 9 Due March 29     Solutions

Homework 10 Due April 5     Solutions

Homework 11 Due April 12     Solutions

Homework 12 Due April 19     Solutions

Homework 13 Due April 26     Solutions

Textbook and online resources

Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, by Thomas W. Judson, direct link to 2016 pdf.

Notes on Modern Algebra I by Patrick Gallagher.
Abstract Algebra. Introduction to Group Theory by Jim Howie.

Group theory videos:
Abstract Algebra YouTube course by MathDoctorBob.

Background material and additional resources