I am currently a Ritt Assistant Professor at Columbia University.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, I will be on leave from Columbia to participate in the Special Year on Geometric and Modular Representation Theory at the Institute for Advanced Study.

I work in representation theory, with a focus on geometric and diagrammatic techniques. In Spring 2018, I was a Strauch postdoctoral fellow in the MSRI program "Group Representation Theory and Applications". I completed my PhD in 2017 at Stanford University under the supervision of Zhiwei Yun.

Teaching (current courses)

Some past activities


Because this seems to confuse many people, including some of my collaborators: "Makisumi" is my last name. I usually go by "Macky," an anglicization of my Japanese nickname "Makkī" (マッキー), which comes from the first part of my last name.

I did my undergraduate studies in math at Princeton University. Even earlier, in high school, I went to the Canada/USA Mathcamp summer program. It's awesome.