Student Reading Seminar on Toric Varieties, Summer 2017

This summer we are organizing a learning seminar on toric varieties. The purpose is to give a thorough introduction to the topic. For the most part of the seminar, we will study the classical results on the topic, following "Introduction to Toric Varieties" by W. Fulton, and "Toric Varieties" by D. Cox, J. Little, and H. Schneck. We will try to cover more advanced topics towards the end of the course, time permitting.

Organizer: Mitchell Faulk

Time and location: M,Tu,Th: 9am-10am in Math 526.

Source: [F] W. Fulton, "Introduction to Toric Varieties", [CLS] D. Cox, J. Little, H Schneck, "Toric Varieties"

Date Speaker Title Ref.
15 Jun Mitchell Faulk Introduction to Toric Varieties [F] Chapter 1.1
19 Jun Renata Picciotto Convex Polyhedral Cones [F] Chapter 1.2
20 Jun Renata Picciotto Affine Toric Varieties [F] Chapter 1.3
22 Jun Clara Dolfen Fans and Toric Varieties [F] Chapter 1.4
26 Jun Monica Marinescu Toric Varieties from Polytopes [F] Chapter 1.5
27 Jun Renata Picciotto Local Properties of Toric Varieties [F] Chapter 2.1
29 Jun Mitchell Faulk Surfaces and Quotient Singularities [F] Chapter 2.2
10 Jul Mitchell Faulk One Parameter Subgroups and limit points [F] Chapter 2.3
11 Jul Clara Dolfen Compactness and Properness [F] Chapter 2.4
13 Jul Renata Picciotto Nonsingular Surfaces [F] Chapter 2.5
17 Jul Mitchell Faulk Resolution of singularities [I] [F] Chapter 2.6
18 Jul Clara Dolfen Resolution of Singularities [II] [F] Chapter 2.6
20 Jul Renata Picciotto Orbits of toric varieties[I] [F] Chapter 3.1
24 Jul Mitchell Faulk Orbits of toric varieties [II] [F] Chapter 3.2
25 Jul Clara Dolfen Weil and Cartier divisors
27 Jul Renata Picciotto Divisors on toric varieties [F] Chapter 3.4
31 Jul Mitchell Faulk More on Divisors [F] Chapter 3.4,[CLS] Chapter 4
1 Aug Mitchell Faulk Line bundles on toric varieties [F] Chapter 3.4, [ClS] Chapter 4
3 Aug Renata Picciotto The Quotient Construction of Toric Varieties