Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar

Fall 2008

Unless a change is noted below, the Columbia Geometric Topology Seminar takes place Fridays in 520 Mathematics at 10:45AM. All are welcome.

There is an announcement list for the seminar.

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

Sept 12 Jason Behrstock Quasi-isometric classification of 3-manifold groups
Sept 19 Daniel Krasner Equivariant sl(n)-link homology
Sept 26 Ilya Kofman A new twist on Lorenz links
Oct 3 Helge Moeller Pedersen Splice diagrams and universal abelian covers
Oct 10 David Futer Cusp volume of fibered 3-manifolds
Oct 17 Yoav Moriah Horizontal Dehn surgery and distance of Heegaard splittings
Oct 24 David Bachman Topological index theory for surfaces in 3-manifolds
Oct 31 Alan Reid On Simon's conjecture for knots
Nov 7 Dragomir Saric The mapping class group cannot be realized by homeomorphisms
Nov 14, 1pm
Peter Kronheimer Instanton homology and the Alexander polynomial
Nov 21 Danny Calegari Stable commutator length in free groups
Nov 28 No Seminar No Seminar
Dec 5 Josh Greene Closed 3-braids with unknotting number one
Dec 12 Matthias Kreck Codes and 3-manifolds
Dec 19 Martin Bridson Subgroups of direct products of free, surface and limit groups

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