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Recent Puzzles

BANG 17: Knights of the Round Table

This was a one day (6ish hour) puzzle event which I cowrote with The Platonic Solids. It happened on Saturday April 28, 2007. The puzzles all involved in-person components (posters, hand-written journals, etc.) which are impossible to recreate online, but some of the mockups which we used for testsolving are available here.

Crossword Puzzles

Malia and my first published crossword appeared in the New York Times on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008.

The Name of the Rose mini-hunt

Current Projects

Iron Puzzler 3

On February 10th, The Platonic Solids will be defending our Iron Puzzler title.

Mathcamp Puzzle Hunt 2008

Together with Ari Nieh and team Reehaamoo, I am writing the 2008 Mathcamp Puzzle Hunt. This event will take place some time in July 2008, and I will post the puzzles afterwards.

Old Projects

Iron Puzzler 2

The Platonic Solids team of Ari Nieh, Jeff Filippini, Kenny Easwaran, Malia Jackson, Matt Cain, and I competed in (and won!) an Iron Puzzler competition on November 4-5 2006. For this competition we wrote the following two puzzles in a single day. As required by the rules one of them must fit on a single piece of 8.5x11 paper (color and use of the back side of the paper were allowed) and the other must not. Each puzzle must use at least one of the three special ingredients: Bottle, Monster, and Stack. Our puzzles were randomly assigned the numbers 2 and 5. Puzzle #5 was voted the most popular puzzle, while puzzle #2 came in fourth out of twelve.

Iron Puzzle #2
Iron Puzzle #5

The 2006 Mystery Hunt

I also served as an editor, wrote several parts of endgame, played the part of Stewie Griffin, and (jointly with Aaron Dinkin) invented Ante puzzles.