Informal Mathematical Physics Seminar

organized by Igor Krichever and Andrei Okounkov

Mondays, 6:30, Room 507

Schedule of talks for Spring 2012:

February 27
Clement Hongler
Ising Model
March 5
Andrei Smirnov
Chern-Simons Theory
March 12
no seminar
Spring Break
March 19
Erik Carlsson
K-theory of the moduli space of sheaves and large Grassmannians
March 26
no seminar
MSRI workshop
April 2
Michael McBreen
Aunts, Cousins and Sons of the KZ equations
April 9
Andrei Negut
Shuffle Algebras
April 16
Shamil Shakirov
Refined Chern-Simons theory on S^3 and torus knots