Remy van Dobben de Bruyn

My face I am a fifth-year graduate student in mathematics at Columbia University. My research interest is algebraic geometry; in particular questions about the cohomology of varieties in characteristic p and mixed characteristic. My advisor is Aise Johan de Jong.

My CV can be found here, and my dissertation is here.

Email address:

rdobben at math dot columbia dot edu

Help room hours (spring 2018):

Monday10:00-13:00Milbank 333


College Algebra (MATH S1003)Summer 2017
College Algebra (MATH S1003)Summer 2016

Seminars organised:

Hodge theory reading seminarSpring 2015
Étale cohomology reading seminarAutumn 2015
FGA Explained reading seminarSpring 2016
This seminar has since been continued by Carl Lian and others:
Hodge theory in positive characteristicAutumn 2016
Decomposition theorem (BBD)Spring 2017
Classic papers in algebraic geometrySummer 2017
Moduli of sheavesAutumn 2017
Crystalline cohomologySpring 2018

Teaching assistant:

Calculus IChao LiSpring 2018
Calculus IAlex PerryAutumn 2017
Algebraic geometryJohan de JongSpring 2017
Commutative algebraJohan de JongAutumn 2016
Calculus IPatrick GallagherSpring 2016
Honours mathematics AMichael ThaddeusAutumn 2015
Introduction to modern algebra 1Robert FriedmanSpring 2015
Introduction to higher mathematicsMike WoodburyAutumn 2014


Drafts of preprints are available upon request.

Dissertation and other theses:

Dominating varieties by liftable ones.Dissertation (PhD thesis)
The Brauer-Manin obstruction on curvesMémoire M2 (master's thesis)
The local Langlands correspondencesPart III essay (master's thesis)
The modularity theoremBachelor's thesis


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