Student Probability Seminar

This is Columbia Student Probability Seminar, run by the students of Mathematics department at Columbia University.

We usually focus on reading some specific probability topic each semester. We may also have practice talks on other probability topics by the students. Feel free to email me if you wish to give a practice talk! This semester we are reading about Stein's Method from here.

Email me (sayan.das at if you want to be added on the mailing list. Archives of Spring 2020 seminar is available here.

P.S.: We will have talks over Zoom!

Date Speaker Title
September 28 Zoe Himwich Stein's Method.
October 5 Hindy Drillick Solutions of Stein's Equation.
October 12 Sayan Das Method of Dependency graphs.
October 19 Sayan Das Fourth-moment phenomenon in Subgraph counts.

Abstract: Suppose you color every vertex of a graph G randomly using 2 colors: blue and red. Then you look at the number of blue triangles in G. Roughly speaking, we prove a necessary and sufficient criterion for asymptotic normality about this number. We use Stein's Method as one of the tools and our criterion coincides with the celebrated fourth-moment phenomenon. This is an upcoming joint work with Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya and Sumit Mukherjee.
October 26 Georgy Gaitsgori TBA