Shizhang Li

I am a 4th year graduate student in the Mathematics Department at Columbia University, I am interested in arithmetic geometry. My main focus now is on rigid geometry. Here is my CV.

About Me

My advisor is Prof. Aise Johan de Jong

My Email: shanbei[at]math[dot]columbia[dot]edu

My name in Chinese characters: 李时璋 (simplified); or 李時璋 (traditional).


Calculus 3, Math S1201, summer 2016. Corresponding website is calc3.


1. Johan's Problem Seminar

2. English translation of Bartenwerfer's paper Die erste “metrische” Kohomologiegruppe glatter affinoider Räume

3. Lemmata in adic-rigid geometry. This is an evolving set of learning notes on adic-rigid geometry.

4. Why are they NOT simply connected? This is the expository notes for a non-trivial étale covering space of rigid projective line.

Papers and Preprints

’Rome wasn’t built in one day, bro…’

1. On rigid varieties with projective reduction, arXiv.

2. Langton’s theorem for multi-filtered vector space, arXiv.

3. No Picard for a rigid \mathbb{A}^1, coming soon.

4. Line bundles on rigid varieties and Hodge symmetry (with David Hansen), arXiv.


(Fall of 2016), Carl and I organized a student algebraic geometry seminar on some cohomology theory in characteristic p discussing Deligne-Illusie and Deligne's famous Weil 2. The website is here.

(Spring of 2017), Carl and I organized a student algebraic geometry seminar on BBD(G). The website is here.

(Spring of 2017), Pak-Hin and I organized a 'title to be determined/naïve' student number theory seminar on the Langlands Program. The main purpose is to eliminate both organizers' iliteracy about it. The website is here.