Math S1201: Calculus 3 

Summer 2016

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General Information




The topics covered in the class include: Vectors and the Geometry of Space (Chapter 12), Vector Functions (Chapter 13), and Partial Derivatives (Chapter 14).





All HWs are due in class by 6:15pm. If you are unable to attend class on time, scan and send your HW by email to the TA.
All problems are from the textbook.
If your work is handwritten, please only use a pencil or a black/blue pen.
Please attach the cover page to your submitted hw (and staple the pages!).
Solutions are posted on courseworks (resources page) after the due date.

Problem Sets(now it's just an example of last year, I'll make my own problem sets):

  1. Due date: July 11th   Cover Page
  2. Due date: July 18th  Cover Page
  3. Due date: July 25th  Cover Page
  4. Due date: Aug. 1st   Cover Page
  5. Due date: Aug.  8th  Cover Page



On both exams you are allowed to have one two-sided notes sheet.



Homework = 30%, Midterm = 30%, Final = 40%.
You may "challenge" any grade you receive. However, you must contact the TA within three days of the grade release date. We'll scan some answer sheets randomly so don't do anything stupid(you know...)
Contact the instructor if you are unable to reolve the issue with the TA.