Seminar on Floer Homotopy Theory

This is the webpage of the student learning seminar on Floer Homotopy Theory. The current version of the website design is stolen from the 2017 Seiberg-Witten Seminar.

The seminar is usually held on 4:30-6pm in room 507. Sometimes it will be in room 622; those dates will be announced by email and will be posted in the schedule below.

The goal of this seminar is for it to be leisurely and cover various bits of interesting background. We hope that by the end the participants of the seminar understand how to build maps between floer homotopy types (barring technicalities abound the existence of manifolds-with-corners structures on Floer moduli spaces.)

The first few lectures will cover homotopical basics: spectra, operads.


Please e-mail the organizers if you'd like to receive notifications.

Organizers: Semon Rezchikov.


Date Speaker Title Ref.
March 14th Semon Rezchikov Introduction to Stable Homotopy Theory [Cohen-Review] and Adams' book
March 28 Alex Pieloch Orthogonal Spectra [Schwede] p. 2-6, [Rognes]
April 4 Yash Demukh Operads [Talbot]
April 11 Semon Rezchikov Realizing Chain Complexes by Module Spectra [Cohen-Review]
April 18 Semon Rezchikov The Orientation Problem in Floer Homotopy Theory [Cohen-Review]
April 25 Mohammed Abouzaid TBA
May 2 Melissa Zhang The Khovanov Homotopy Type [Lipshitz-Sarkar], [LS-Review]
May 9 Yoel Groman The Floer Homotopy of the Cotangent Bundle [Cohen-Cotangent]