Informal Complex Geometry and PDE Seminar

Academic Year 2023-2024

Organizers: D.H. Phong, X.S. Shen, C. Wang, S. Liang, N. Klemyatin

The seminar meets on Thursdays from 2:40pm to 3:50pm in 520 Mathematics. If you would like to join via Zoom, please email xss or wangchuwen at

Fall Schedule

September 7

Organizational meeting

September 14

Shuang Liang  -Local Calabi estimate for continuity equation on Hermitian manifolds and its application (Abstract)

September 21

Junsheng Zhang  -On complete Calabi-Yau manifolds asymptotic to cones (Abstract)

September 28

Izar Alonso Lorenzo  -New examples of SU(2)^2-invariant G_2-instantons (Abstract)

October 5

Tristan Collins

October 12

Morning: Siarhei Finski

- Asymptotics Problems in Complex Geometry (I): Polarized metrics and semiclassical extension theorems

Afternoon: Gueo Grantcharov

October 19

Siarhei Finski

Morning: Asymptotics Problems in Complex Geometry (II): Mabuchi geometry of the space of Kähler metrics and geodesic rays

Afternoon: Asymptotics Problems in Complex Geometry (III): Submultiplicative filtrations on section rings and Mabuchi geometry at infinity

October 26

Morning: Stephanie Nivoche 

Afternoon: Laurent Stolovitch

November 2

Morning: Tat Dat Tô

Afternoon: Luigi Vezzoni 

November 9


November 16

Marcin Sroka

November 23


November 30

Bin Guo

December 7

Freid Tong

Spring Schedule

To be announced

Old links: Schedule for 2022-2023, Schedule for 2021-2022