Johan Asplund

Department of Mathematics
Columbia University
2990 Broadway
New York, NY 10027, USA

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Columbia University with Mohammed Abouzaid, funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. Starting in Spring 2024 I will be a James H. Simons Instructor at Stony Brook University.

I received my PhD in Mathematics from Uppsala University in 2021 under supervision of Tobias Ekholm.


I am working in the field of symplectic and contact geometry. My work is focused on Floer theory and symplectic field theory. I am also interested in interactions and applications to neighboring fields such as string topology, low-dimensional topology and algebraic geometry.

Johan Asplund
Photo by Gustav Hammarhjelm 2021.

Papers and preprints

  1. Lagrangian cobordism of positroid links
    with Youngjin Bae, Orosola Capovilla-Searle, Marco Castronovo, Caitlin Leverson, and Angela Wu
  2. Tangle contact homology
  3. Simplicial descent for Chekanov–Eliashberg dg-algebras
    J. Topol., 16(2):489–541, 2023
    [slides] [video]
  4. Chekanov–Eliashberg dg-algebras for singular Legendrians
    with Tobias Ekholm
    J. Symplectic Geom., 20(3):509–559, 2022
    [slides1] [slides2] [video]
  5. Fiber Floer cohomology and conormal stops
    J. Symplectic Geom, 19(4):777–864, 2021
    [slides1] [slides2]
  6. Chekanov–Eliashberg dg-algebras and partially wrapped Floer cohomology
    PhD thesis, 2021
  7. Contact homology of Legendrian knots in five-dimensional circle bundles
    Master thesis, 2016
  8. Linking and Morse theory
    Bachelor thesis, 2014