A short course on alterations

Professor A.J. de Jong, Columbia university, Department of Mathematics.

Email me if you want to be a part of this.

Lectures will be by zoom according to the schedule below. Email me if you want to attend and I will send you a zoom link a few minutes before the course meetings.

This is the 3rd quarter of a course on algebraic geometry. In the first quarter Max Lieblich talked about resolution of singularities. In the second quarter Jarod Alper talked about moduli stacks of stable pointed curves, see this page. A natural combination of the two topics is to talk about the existence of regular (or smooth) alterations which is (as you will see if you attend the course) sort of a combination of the two topics.

The papers I will be talking about:

  1. Smoothness, semi-stability and alterations, see this pdf file
  2. Families of curves and alterations, see this pdf file

Here is the schedule as I have it for now. Changes in the schedule may be necessary as we go along.

Every lecture is 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM PST (SEATTLE TIME)
Topic Day Date
Statement of versions the theorem Monday March 29
Discussion of applications Wednesday March 31
TBA Monday April 5
TBA Wednesday April 7
TBA Monday April 12
TBA Wednesday April 14
TBA Monday April 19
TBA Wednesday April 21
TBA Monday April 26
TBA Wednesday April 28
TBA Monday May 3
TBA Wednesday May 5
TBA Monday May 10
TBA Wednesday May 12
TBA Monday May 17
TBA Wednesday May 19
TBA Monday May 24
TBA Wednesday May 26

No lecture - Memorial day

Monday May 31
Conclusion Wednesday June 2