Algebraic Geometry

Professor A.J. de Jong, Columbia university, Department of Mathematics.

The plan of this semester course in algebraic geometry is twofold. We start doing some enough commutative algebra to get a fairly complete overview of dimension theory. Then we'll briefly discuss some further topics in commutative algebra. At this point we'll switch track and start talking about (old school) algebraic varieties and in particular curves. Hopefully we'll be able to mention some of the more interesting aspects of curve theory, such as linear systems.

Lecture notes taken by Nilay Kumar and Matei Ionita. You can find the source for these notes in one of his github repositories.

There is not going to be a book associated to the course. All the commutative algebra will be in the stacks project.

It is strongly encouraged to go to the lectures, which are on Tuesday and Thursday 8:40-9:55 in Math 507.

Problem sets will be announced on this web page after Tuesday's lecture. They are due in lecture on the next Tuesday.

The TA for the course is Natasha Potashnik.

Grades are computed by a weighted average between the scores on problem sets and final. The weights are 2/3 and 1/3 respectively.

The final will be a written exam.

Here are the weekly problem sets. Please hit the refresh button on your browser to make sure you have to latest list. These exercises are partially meant for you to see if you know enough to be able to follow the material in the course. Hence it is suggested that you skip the ones you are familiar with, or give a very brief answer showing you understand the point. Moreover, most of the exercises are of a theoretical nature, hence you'll be able to look up that answer -- feel free to do this.