Derived Categories, Fall 2013

Professor A.J. de Jong, Columbia university, Department of Mathematics.


  1. Please email me if you want to be on the associated mailing list.
  2. The talks will be 2x40 minutes with a short break.
  3. Time and place: Fridays 10:30 AM in Room 203.
  4. First lecture: Friday September 6, 2013.
  5. No lecture on: TBA.

I will lecture about this material myself. The goal of the lectures is twofold: build enough theory so we can use it in the next semester for a seminar about perverse sheaves, and explain some of the basic material about derived categories of coherent sheaves on projective smooth varieties.

References: I will mostly restrict myself to material available in the Stacks project. Please look at the references given there. Look at the following chapters in particular