Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic

Spring 2024

The seminar will meet in-person, on Fridays 10:30 am to noon in Room 520.

  Jan 19 Romain Branchereau (McGill) Kudla-Millson lift of toric cycles and diagonal restriction of Hilbert modular forms
  Jan 26 Zhiyu Zhang (Stanford) Asai motives, Asai L-functions and twisted arithmetic fundamental lemmas
  Feb 02 Jason Kountouridis (Chicago) Monodromy of simple singularities and mixed-characteristic degenerations
  Feb 09 Rebecca Bellovin (Glasgow) Modularity of trianguline Galois representations
  Feb 16 Shizhang Li (MCM) General relative Poincare duality in nonarchimedean geometry
  Feb 23 Daniel Sage (Buffalo) Meromorphic connections on the projective line with specified local behavior
  Mar 01 Vaidehee Thatte (KCL) Understanding the Defect via Ramification Theory
  Mar 08 Stephen Miller (Rutgers) An update on the unitary dual problem
  Mar 22 Toby Gee (Imperial) Modularity of genus 2 curves
  Mar 29 Zheng Liu (UCSB) p-adic L-functions for $\mathrm{GSp}(4)\times \mathrm{GL}(2)$
  Apr 05 Charlotte Chan (Michigan) Generic character sheaves on parahoric subgroups
  Apr 12 Joel Nagloo (UIC) Fuchsian automorphic functions and functional transcendence
  Apr 19 Ruofan Jiang (Madison) mod $p$ analogues of the Mumford-Tate and Andre-Oort conjectures
  Apr 26 Bao Le Hung (Northwestern) Equivariant homology of affine Springer fibers and Breuil-Mezard cycles

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Organizers: Amadou Bah, Gyujin Oh, and Eric Urban