Publications and Preprints

Weak Liouville quantum gravity metrics with matter central charge c ∈ (1,25).


Geodesics and metric ball boundaries in Liouville quantum gravity

With Ewain Gwynne and Scott Sheffield. arXiv

Brownian loops and the central charge of a Liouville random surface

With Morris Ang, Minjae Park and Scott Sheffield. arXiv

KPZ formulas for the Liouville quantum gravity metric

With Ewain Gwynne. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, to appear. arXiv

Weak LQG metrics and Liouville first passage percolation

With Julien Dubedat, Hugo Falconet, Ewain Gwynne, and Xin Sun. Probability Theory and Related Fields, to appear. arXiv

Bounds for distances and geodesic dimension in Liouville first passage percolation

With Ewain Gwynne. Electronic Communications in Probability. arXiv

Liouville quantum gravity with central charge in (1,25): a probabilistic approach

With Ewain Gwynne, Nina Holden, and Guillaume Remy. Communications in Mathematical Physics. arXiv

External diffusion-limited aggregation on a spanning-tree-weighted random planar map

With Ewain Gwynne. Annals of Probability, to appear. arXiv

Connectivity properties of the adjacency graph of SLEκ bubbles for κ ∈ (4,8)

With Ewain Gwynne. Annals of Probability. arXiv

Anchored expansion, speed, and the hyperbolic Poisson Voronoi tessellation

With Itai Benjamini and Elliot Paquette. Annals of Probability. arXiv


University of Chicago Probability Seminar, January 2020.
University of Cambridge Probability Seminar, November 2019.
Columbia University Probability Seminar, October 2019.
MIT Probability Seminar, September 2019.
Random Geometry Follow-up Workshop, University of Cambridge, July 2018.
Random Conformal Geometry and Related Fields, Korean Institute for Advanced Study, June 2018.

Teaching Assistantships

Fundamentals of Statistics, MIT, Spring 2018.
Topics in Math with Applications in Finance, MIT, Fall 2017.
Introduction to PDEs, MIT, Spring 2017.
Statistics for Applications, MIT, Spring 2017.
Combinatorics, Harvard, Spring 2014.