Michael Zhao Memorial Student Colloquium
Each week, the Michael Zhao Memorial Student Colloquium holds 45-minute talks by Columbia mathematics faculty about their own research. The talks are intended for current PhD students in mathematics at Columbia. If you are an undergraduate student or external graduate student and would like to come, please email ams2637@columbia.edu or rh3101@columbia.edu.

When: Tuesday 6:00 - 7:00 PM ET
Where: Mathematics Building, Room 520
Organizers: Alex Scheffelin, Rafah Hajjar Muñoz
Exceptions: On September 26th, the Colloquium will meet in room 528.
Date Speaker Title and Abstract
September 19 James Hotchkiss
I will give an introduction to Brauer groups as they appear in a few different contexts: fields and algebraic varieties, topological spaces, and complex manifolds. In each context, one meets the same two problems, known as Grothendieck's question and the period-index problem. I will explain what is known and what is open, and describe some recent progress in all three cases.
September 26 Yoonjoo Kim
A compact hyper-Kähler manifold is an extremely special compact Kähler manifold, whose local charts are given by the quaternionic space H^n. It naturally appears in certain classification theorems in both differential and algebraic geometry. Its rigid and special nature is well reflected in its (singular) cohomology. I will introduce the definition of a compact hyper-Kähler manifold and its basic cohomology theory. We will focus on its Hodge theoretic behavior.
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