During this REU we will work though a bunch of algebraic geometry. While we do so we will write computer algebra scripts that “verify” the mathematics is correct. The goal is not to write good/fast code. Rather we use writing and running a working script as a sort of verification that we understood what is going on completely. Johan will explain the reasoning behind this in the first meeting.

We will use the scripting language GP to do this. Here are some of the reasons for using this language and not an other:

PARI/GP is not a computer algebra package, rather it is a number theory package. This means that it doesn't come with stuff like Groebner basis packages, etc. I actually think this is good for us, so we can't use advanced stuff without understanding what we are doing. Moreover, we can roll our own: we can eventually write a little bit more code doing more complicated things if it turns out we need it (it always turns out in practice that a better algorithm is worth more than better code).

Suggested work flow for each of you:


There are several ways to install it on a Mac:

Good luck!

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