Integrable Systems/Quantum Groups Learning Seminar Fall 2020

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Time and location information

Time: Wednesday at 5:00 - 6:15 pm
Organizer: Sam DeHority
Zoom info: The zoom link is Please email me at to be added to the mailing list and for the zoom password.

References and topics

The goal of the seminar is to understand specific examples of integrable systems with a view towards their relationship with supersymmetric gauge theories and enumerative geometry. More specifically:

  1. Spin chains, lattice models, Bethe ansatz. There are many resources for this. A few good ones are, and the introduction to Jimbo, Miwa Algebraic Analysis of Solvable Lattice Models.
  2. Relationship with supersymmetric vacua/topological theories/enumerative geometry. Key papers are Nekrasov-Shatashvilli, from a physical perspective and the mathematical papers by Aganagic-Okounkov and Pushkar, Smirnov, Zeitlin
  3. At some point it would be good to see talks on the KdV, KP, and Toda lattice hierarchies. E.g. from Date, Jimbo, Miwa Soltions: Differential Equations, Symmetries and Infinite Dimensional Algebras.
  4. Other approaches including the sequence Costello-Witten-Yamazaki and Costello-Yamazaki

List of talks

Date Talk Info
Oct. 21
Speaker: Davis Lazowski
Title: Bethe Ansatz for the XXZ Spin Chain
Abstract: I will explain what a spin chain is, then I will introduce the algebraic Bethe ansatz via the example of the XXZ spin chain.
Oct. 28