Research Interests

Representation theory, with an emphasis on geometric and diagrammatic techniques.

Some key words: perverse sheaves, Hecke category (parity sheaves, Braden–MacPherson moment graph sheaves, Soergel diagrammatics/bimodules), Koszul duality, modular representations of reductive groups, triply-graded knot homology.

Research articles

All my papers are available on arXiv. Google Scholar.


Published articles

Nothing yet

Other writing


Pramod Achar, Simon Riche, Geordie Williamson

Research done as an undergrad

Until early grad school, I thought I might want to do number theory. I wrote my undergraduate thesis at Princeton [-1] under Peter Sarnak. Even earlier, in summer 2009, I worked on [-2] for the fractal REU at UConn.