I will upload mostly solutions to the exercises on this page. The solutions are a collaborative effort, but any error in the write-up is my own.

*Here is a solution to Exercise 1 in the section on Projective Planes. I went a little crazy with the level of detail, but the solution takes into account both the infinite and finite cases. Let me know if there are errors.Exercise 1 of section on projective planes

*Same solution to the above exercise in Latex and without diagrams. Exercise 1 of section on projective planes in Latex

*Solution to Exercise 14. There is a more general version of this result due to Chevalley. Every conic has a point

*Solution to Exercise 11. Again pretty detailed.Exercise 11

*Solution to Exercise 20. Exercise 20

*Solution to Exercise 23.5. Exercise 23.5

*Solution to Exercise 29. Exercise 29

*Solution to Exercise 31. Exercise 31

*This is a link to notes by Robin Hartshorne on projective geometry. It is interesting, and helpful. So, I thought of sharing it.Foundations of Projective Geometry

*Bullshit script that just gives all the hyperplanes over a finite field of order p. Hyperplanes in P^3

*Lines in P^3 in their parametric form, where the parametrizations are all distinct (note that this does not mean that two of the parametrizations don't represent the same line).Lines in P^3

*This script gives us the lines that lie on a given quadric, where a line is given in its parametric form (again, the output does not necessarily give us distinct lines, but it does give us all the lines). Of course, I could replace a quadric by a cubic surface, and it would give us the lines on the cubic surface. The good thing about it is that it works quite fast over the field F_2. Lines on a quadric

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