Number Theory Seminar

We plan to study Eisenstein series and related arithmetic topics during this semester. To begin with, we will go through basic definitions and properties of Eisenstein series and make explicit computations for the GL_2 case. Then we move on to some arithmetic results where Eisenstein series play a role. Hida theory in particular cases is also involved and we will see how Eisenstein congruence are utilized in arithmetic problems through most basic examples. At this point, we are looking forward to understand the followings: They are all applications for GL_1. We are also open to applications for other groups to discuss at the end of the semester.


Time: Monday 4:15 pm to 5:30 pm
Location: Math 520

Schedule (tentative)

Date Title Speaker Reference Notes
9/19 Basic definitions and properties for Eisenstein series (1) Vivian Yu [Sh] note
9/26 Basic definitions and properties for Eisenstein series (2) David Marcil [BL] note
10/3 Ribet's converse to Herbrand theorem Yu-Sheng Lee [Wa], [Ri] note
10/10 Eisenstein series on GL_2 Hung Chiang [Bu], [JL]
10/17 Hida theory for GL_2 over totally real fields Haodong Yao [Wi1]
10/24 Deligne-Ribet p-adic L-functions David Marcil [DR]
10/31 Review of Iwasawa theory and main conjecture Michele Fornea [Wa]
11/7 Holiday break - - -
11/14 Iwasawa main conjecture for totally real fields (1) TBD [Wi2]
11/21 Iwasawa main conjecture for totally real fields (2) TBD [Wi2]
11/28 TBD
12/5 TBD
12/12 TBD

Abstract of each talk


We review general theory of Eisenstein series on the upper half plane as an introduction, where we will see L-values of Dirichlet characters occur in the constant term of q-expansions. Then we follow Shahidi's book to introduce reductive groups and necessary notions to define Eisenstein series in general. We will compute constant terms of Eisenstein series in some fundamental cases and discuss the functional equation among Eisenstein series, provided the meromorphic continuation.


For this talk, we will study the analytic continuation of Eisenstein series on an arbitrary reductive group using the modern approach of Bernstein and Lapid. They use a general principal that provides meromorphic continuation to solutions of "special" analytic family of systems of linear equations (ASLE) over a complex manifold. We will discuss the concept of cuspidal exponents of an automorphic form along standard parabolic subgroups and use them to show that Eisenstein series are unique solutions to such an ASLE. We will briefly mention why the latter is "special" but omit the proof. The talk will go over the general theory and discuss the special case of SL(2) to provide a concrete example.


We discuss the relation between Eisenstein congruences and Ribet's converse to the Herbrand-Ribet theorem. As a precursor to Wiles' proof of the Iwasawa main conjecture, we emphsize the role of congruence modules as the bridge between L-values and Selmer groups.


We define Eisenstein series on GL_2 in terms of Godement-Jaquet sections instead of flat sections. With these sections, we are able to obtain explicit formulas for all Fourier coefficients and establish meromorphic continuation and functional equations. We will briefly review the local new form theory and compute Fourier expansions of holomorphic Eisenstein series in the GL_2 case with new or ordinary section at each finite places. The computation will show the occurence of L-values at the constant term and will recover the well-known basis of classical Eisenstein series.











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